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LESI Presidential Year 2020-2021


Audrey Yap (LES Singapore) President​

John Paul (LES USA/ Canada) President-Elect
Fiona Nicolson (LES Britain/ Ireland) Immediate Past-President

Mike Lasinski (LES USA/Canada) Treasurer​
Pamela Cox (LES USA/Canada) Corporate Secretary​

Tatiana Campello (LES Brazil) Vice President
Sergey Dorofeev (LES Russia) Vice President
José-Miguel Lissen (LES Spain/Portugal) Vice President​
Christopher Shaowei (LES China) Vice President​


Counsels to the Board as confirmed by the incoming President​


Mattia DallaCosta (LES Italy)  Legal Counsel​
Russell Levine (LES USA/Canada)  Legal Counsel


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