31/03/2023 — 31/03/2023

Serious Game : Tech Transfer Game

Timing : 31-Mar 2023 9AM -12:30 AM CET
Location : On site event at Gide Loyrette Nouel : 15 Rue de Laborde, 75008 Paris

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Join us in this facilitated game-based exchange of experience and best practice Serious Tech Transfer Game is a collaborative serious game designed for an engaging exchange of experience between individuals working within technology transfer. The game is created as a cooperation between LES France and House of Knowledge(HoK). In this game tailored for LES France, participants grapple with how to plan for, what to deal with during and after a technology transfer while Tackling the hurdles formalizing such an agreement.

The Serious Tech Transfer Game aims to create an engaging facilitated exchange of experience for participants, wherein realistic scenarios create the basis for problem-solving in a scenario that requires shared knowledge and experience.

Play happens in groups of 3-5 around a table where the centerpiece of the game is a technology transfer canvas, which is used to structure and evaluate relevant information (presented on playing cards), reveal interrelations, and support discussion.

FACT: Applied games with a purpose and clear learning outcomes. Its Complex topics made easy, “hands on” and creates tacit knowledge and skills through a real and “live” simulation. Introduces unpredictability and invites to interactions and self-contributions, linking theory to practice. The concept of serious game is most easily described as games that go beyond fun and into the realm of learning and exchange of experience.

“Learning is a process where knowledge is created through transformation of experience (Kolb, 1984).”